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  • 21.中国煤炭开采业报告(2018-2022年)

    [采矿业,电力、热力、燃气及水生产和供应业,] [2019-04-23]

    The coal mining industry in China has been undergoing an intense consolidation process, with many small inefficient businesses closing down, allowing the number of large coal enterprises to increase. Due to their extensive operating scale and big market shares, SOEs are the sector’s main revenue generators. In 2017, the country’s top five coal producers generated over 22% of the total revenue of the coal mining sector, up from the 15% share in 2016. The government industry reforms envisage further consolidation of China’s mining sector, which is likely to increase the M&A activity in the sector. In order to boost their profits across the value chain, coal producers are expected to further expand their presence in segments such as syngas, olefins and liquid fuels, as well as in the coal-tooil conversion.

  • 22.巴西采矿业报告(2018-2022年)

    [采矿业,] [2019-04-23]

    Brazil’s mining sector features a high level of concentration, especially in respect of most metallic mining outputs, with most production in the hands of a small number of large firms with capital of mixed origins. Regulation is an important factor in the outlook for the sector, since the market is still adapting to the new dispositions of the Mining Code, approved in June 2018. Non-metallic mineral activity shows a more fragmented structure, due to the prominence of civil construction aggregates in sub-sector output. In these products it is a big advantage to be close to the consumer, which favours both small companies and local ones.

  • 23.液化石油气汽化器市场分析和分段预测到2025年

    [电力、热力、燃气及水生产和供应业,采矿业,石油加工、炼焦和核燃料加工业,] [2019-04-12]

    The LPG vaporizer market is segmented based on four parameters, namely product, capacity, end-use and region. The first level segmentation of market includes product type into the following categories: direct-fired vaporizer, electric vaporizer and steam bath vaporizer. The second segment is bifurcated on the basis of different LPG vaporizer capacities in gallons/hour. On the basis of end-use, the market has been divided into commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural applications.

    关键词:LPG蒸发器市场;产品;容量; 最终用途和地区。;直燃式蒸发器;电动蒸发器;蒸汽浴蒸发器
  • 24.全球小行星矿业市场报告(2018-2025年)

    [采矿业,] [2019-03-22]

    The global asteroid mining market is expected to grow exponentially over the forecast period. The market growth is expected to be positively influenced by growing traces of metals, water, and fuel in the space along with increased emphasis of government on carrying out several space situational awareness programs. Space mining is projected to provide new growth opportunities particularly in the Middle East & Africa over the next few years. The market growth is also attributed to increasing R&D investments by the large players to deploy space mining processes. Space has ample water and metal resources, which is further likely to enable largescale exploration, thereby creating new avenues for market growth. However, the process is still in the prototype stage and is yet to be implemented.

  • 25.厄瓜多尔采矿业报告(2019-2020年)

    [采矿业,] [2019-03-21]

    The lifting of the ban on mining activities in 2009, coupled with profound structural reforms in the regulatory framework and a wide investor engagement campaign carried out by the government during 2016-2017, have spurred investor interest towards the underdeveloped mineral resources of Ecuador. As of December 2017, the government had granted 275 new mining concessions to 33 private companies, mainly from Australia, Canada and the US. Moreover, over 18 major players have entered the domestic mining sector through M&A deals and greenfield investments, including BHP Billiton, Anglo American, Codelco, Newcrest Mining, Fortescue Metals Group and Hancock Prospecting.

  • 26.中美洲和加勒比矿业报告2019年

    [采矿业,] [2019-03-20]

    The Dominican Republic's gold sector will experience muted production growth over the coming years, as a weak project pipeline limits growth. We forecast the country's gold output to edge higher from 1.1moz in 2018 to 1.4moz by 2027. The Pueblo Viejo mine, a joint-venture by Canadian miners Barrick Gold (60%) and Goldcorp (40%), accounts for the lion's share of the Dominican Republic's annual gold production. All-in sustaining costs at Pueblo Viejo will remain competitive, averaging an estimated USD540-560/oz.

  • 27.采矿业的表现2018年

    [采矿业,] [2019-02-27]

    On the back of positive and strong economic growth outturns in both advanced as well as emerging market and developing economies (EMDE), the World Bank (World Bank, 2018) reports that global output expanded by 3.0 per cent in 2017. This represents an improvement of 0.6 percentage point over the preceding year’s growth rate of 2.4 per cent and the largest broadbased growth since 2010. The modest acceleration in global economic activities was driven largely by growth in trade, investments and manufacturing.

  • 28.全球采矿设备市场报告(2018-2025年)

    [电气机械和器材制造业,仪器仪表制造业,采矿业,] [2019-02-21]

    Mining is the process of extracting coal, metals, minerals, water, oil, and others from the earth. Based on application, the market is segmented into metal mining, mineral mining, and coal mining. Various types of mining equipment included in the report are mineral processing equipment, surface mining equipment, underground mining equipment, mining drills & breakers, crushing, pulverizing, & screening equipment, and others. Products covered under each type are as follows

  • 29.石脑油市场分析和分段预测到2025年

    [采矿业,电力、热力、燃气及水生产和供应业,] [2019-01-05]

    The fluctuating product demand of hydrocarbon cracking process steers the demand in the petrochemical industry due to which the industry is projected to grow significantly over the next couple of years in-line to increasing global demand for transportation fuel. Naphtha is procured from multiple sources which includes coal tar and wood feed among others. These sorts of feedstock are included in the process depending upon the demand of downstream products including chemical solvents, formaldehyde, pigment, fuel and yield. They are also broadly used for catalytic reformations in order to enhance fuels and octane numbers. There are multiple regulations that operates in the naphtha market across the globe.

  • 30.俄罗斯采矿业报告(2018-2019年)

    [采矿业,] [2019-01-03]

    Russia’s mining industry is dominated by a few domestic players that control almost all of the minerals mining activity in the country. Russia’s regulatory environment restricts foreign miners from entering the industry which further contributes to the high concentration in the sector. The nickel and diamond subsectors have near-monopolistic structures, with one producer accounting for more than 90% of the total production. Competition is likely to remain low in the Russian mining industry over the next few years, given the government’s restrictive policy towards foreign players. Subsectors that are considered more competitive are coal and gold production. There are 150,00 miners in the coal industry, with the top six players controlling 60% of total production. The leading gold producing company controls slightly over 20% of the market.

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