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  • 1.全球户外LED显示屏市场报告(2020-2027年)

    [计算机、通信和其他电子设备制造业,仪器仪表制造业,] [2020-09-28]

    The global outdoor LED display market includes the type of LED displays in the market and their applications such as billboards, mobile LED displays, traffic lights, perimeter boards, video walls, and others. An in-depth analysis of the outdoor LED display market and their revenue across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA has also been included in the report. Outdoor LED display involves presentation of videos, images, and digits on an array of LEDs, which act as pixels. High digital sponsorships & information displays, power efficiency features and surge in digital advertisements are some of the factors that drive the market growth. Conversely, rise in alternate LED advertisement designs and rise in sport events are some of the factors expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the outdoor LED display market in the upcoming years. This report features information on outdoor LED display provided by key vendors. Furthermore, it highlights the strategies of key players to improve the market share and sustain competition.

  • 2.Mullen借壳上市 将推紧凑型SUV与美版跑车前途K50

    [汽车制造业,] [2020-09-28]

  • 3.电子元件行业:解构Apple_Watch血氧检测与SiP技术

    [计算机、通信和其他电子设备制造业,] [2020-09-27]

    在2020 年苹果秋季发布会上,苹果发布了两款Apple Watch 产品,包括Apple WatchSeries 6 以及廉价版的Apple Watch SE。Apple Watch Series 6 的重要更新在于增加血氧监测功能以及使用最新的S6 芯片,S6 芯片的性能较上一代有20%提高。本文致力于解构血氧检测实现原理以及S 系列芯片的SiP 封装技术。

  • 4.计算机行业:寻找中国西门子-MES深度报告中篇

    [计算机、通信和其他电子设备制造业,] [2020-09-27]


  • 5.医药生物行业:非小细胞肺癌靶向药EGFR-TKI前景广阔

    [医药制造业,] [2020-09-26]

    在过去5 年中,我国新发癌症病例增长率超过了全球和美国同期水平,2018 年中国新发癌症患者人数达到了428.5 万人,2014-2018 年CAGR为2.8%,预计2023 年中国将会有486.5 万名新发病患患者。2018 年肺癌为我国发病人数和发病率最高的癌种,分别为86.8 万人(接近第二名胃癌的2 倍)和0.062%,发病人数占比全球的41.4%。

  • 6.科技行业:Snowflake(SNOW.N),全球领先的云数据仓库厂商-先锋系列报告131

    [信息传输、软件和信息技术服务业,] [2020-09-26]

    Snowflake成立于2012年,主要产品历经云数据仓库、云数据平台和数据云等迭代历程。目前Snowflake以云数据平台(Cloud Data Platform)为主要技术支撑,数据云(Data Cloud)为主要产品,解决数据孤岛与数据治理问题,利用公有云的弹性和性能,使客户以几乎为零的运维成本,安全、合规的方式从快速增长的数据集中获取价值。

  • 7.电子行业:MOSFET供需紧张,国产厂商迎量价齐升机遇

    [电力、热力、燃气及水生产和供应业,] [2020-09-26]

    新能源汽车:新能源汽车相比传统燃油车功率半导 体用量显著提升,新能源汽车市场的增加将大幅推动功率半导体用量提升。

  • 8.通信行业:模组行业ROE和估值怎么看?

    [信息传输、软件和信息技术服务业,] [2020-09-25]

    行业策略:我们认为,区别于5G 和云计算板块,物联网不是靠巨头资本开支带动整个产业链景气周期,而是下游应用波浪式爆发。未来是物联网做大连接的5 年,模组作为物联网最重要一环,预计在2021 年迎来量价齐升周期。行业逐步摆脱低价竞争影响,未来ROE 将从10%+回升到20%+。当前主要投资物联网连接层,建议配置芯片-模组-终端组合。

  • 9.通信行业:Snowf_lake,全球领先云上数据仓库-国信通信·海外云相关行业简析

    [信息传输、软件和信息技术服务业,] [2020-09-25]


  • 10.全球膨胀聚丙烯(EPP)泡沫市场-增长,趋势和预测(2020-2025年)

    [化学原料和化学制品制造业,] [2020-09-20]

    Expanded polypropylene foam is an environmentally-friendly product, it can be recycled easily, and is 100% non-toxic. Recycling of polypropylene is emerging as an important, and economically viable option on a large scale. The recycling process involves five steps, namely collection, sorting, cleaning, reprocessing by melting and producing new products from recycled PP. Thus, the first three steps are the same as recycling most other commodities. However, the last two are critical. In the reprocessing phase, collected PP products are fed into an extruder, where it is melted at 2,400 °C and cut into granules. These pellets are then ready for use in the production of new products.  Efforts to improve polypropylene recycling have been ongoing which will aid the EPP foam market to expand during the forecast timeframe. Nextek Ltd, a UK-based plastic design and recycling consulting company has invented an innovative process to decontaminate food grade polypropylene for reuse in a closed loop back into food packaging. The Nextek developed process involves two steps: The first phase involves melting PP at nearly 250 °C to get rid of contaminant molecules. The second and last step includes removing residual molecules during under vacuum and solidification at about 140 °C. The products made following this process can be blended with virgin PP at a rate up to 50%.

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