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  • 71.全球生育酚市场-增长,趋势和预测(2020-2025年)

    [农副食品加工业,化学原料和化学制品制造业,] [2020-04-24]

    Antioxidants are very important for immune defense and health of animals. In order to improve the oxidative stability, and thus, increase the shelf-life of meat, antioxidants are being added to animal feeds. Vitamin E is an essential component of livestock diets. Vitamin E cannot be synthesized by animals, which is why the use of tocopherol is increasing in animal diets. An adequate amount of tocopherol is essential in animal nutrition to protect them from malnutrition and the pathogen. It helps to improve the quality of meat and eggs. In addition, it controls the oxidative stability in the animal's body, and therefore, reduces the unpleasant smell and taste, especially in beef and pork. Moreover, vitamin E is fat-soluble and is incorporated into the lipid fraction of cell membranes as an effective antioxidant defense mechanism. There is also an increase in demand for tocopherols in livestock, more so in the developing regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

  • 72.全球二手食用油市场报告(2019-2026年)

    [农副食品加工业,农、林、牧、渔业,] [2020-04-24]

    Used cooking oil or waste cooking oil is edible vegetable oil produced from repetitive use of vegetable oil for the purpose of food preparation to a point where it is no longer fit for that purpose. The global used cooking oil market is analyzed on the basis of its prospect and future growth rate. The report highlights numerous factors that influence the growth of the used cooking oil market. These include market forecast, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and role of different key players operating in the market. By source, the report is analyzed across household sector and commercial sector. In addition, it focuses on Biodiesel, Oleo chemicals, Animal feeds, and other applications. Furthermore, it includes the revenue generated from the sales of used cooking oil across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

  • 73.全球特级初榨鳄梨油市场报告(2019-2026年)

    [食品制造业,农副食品加工业,农、林、牧、渔业,] [2020-04-20]

    Extra virgin avocado oil has been gaining traction in the emerging markets such as the U.S., Canada, and Germany. This is attributed to rise in preference for avocado oil due to increase in the diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and coronary heart diseases. Furthermore, surge in health awareness and increase in consumption of healthy and nutritious cooking oil among health-conscious consumers are the key factors that drive the growth of the global extra virgin avocado oil market. Moreover, increase in number of applications of extra virgin avocado oil in production of cosmetics industry significantly contributes toward the growth of the global market. However, high cost of avocado oil, rise in concerns pertaining to storage, and small shelf life of the oil limit the market growth. On the contrary, upsurge in demand for trendy cosmetics such as nutricosmetics, which contains extra virgin avocado oil as ingredient, is anticipated to provide remunerative opportunities for market expansion.

  • 74.全球饲料酶市场份额,规模-增长,趋势和预测(2020-2025年)

    [化学原料和化学制品制造业,农副食品加工业,] [2020-04-20]

    Food safety has become a paramount issue for many governments around the world, especially in North America and Europe. Animals often stand in their own waste and are under constant duress, which affects their immune system, making them prone to infections. Rising awareness, increasing demand for animal nutrition, and the ban of antibiotics in many regions are prompting the livestock industry and meat manufacturers to use added nutrition in feed, which is anticipated to drive the global feed enzymes market. The poultry industry is readily using enzymes as standard dietary components, especially in wheat and barley-based feed. The poultry industry is consistently looking for exogenous enzymes, such as β-glucanase, xylanase, and phytase, to aid digestion, as they fail to produce enzymes that are required to break down the fiber completely. Some sectors produce their own enzymes, which, in turn, has created an opportunity for the enzyme manufacturers to explore the market, by launching enzymes that can overcome the prevailing problems in the poultry feed industry.

  • 75.全球纯奶油市场-增长,趋势和预测(2019-2024年)

    [食品制造业,农副食品加工业,] [2020-04-19]

    The increasing rates of product innovations in the Indonesian and Malaysian markets are extensively driving the sales of whipping cream. The manufacturing companies are concentrating on the individual demands of the consumers, such as halal-certified, lactose-intolerance, clean-label, and soy-free products. Owing to a large presence of the Muslim population in these countries, the demand for halal-certified food products has witnessed a surge. Thus, the manufacturing brands, such as Anchor and Embog, are producing halal-certified whipping cream with proper labelling, to entice the consumers.  For instance, Indonesia only accepts its own Halal body. Thus Fonterra, a New Zealand-based company, launched a generic halal logo, which is used in anchor whipping cream, to share the same packaging with Indonesia. In Malaysia, the concentration of lactose-intolerant consumers is high, leading to the demand for lactose-free whipping cream. Thus, the manufacturers are introducing lactose-free whipping cream, to satiate the consumers’ demands. For instance, the brand, Paul's, offers lactose-free and gluten-free thickened cream made of cream, skimmed milk, milk solids, gelatin, and other ingredients. The product is apt for whipping, pouring, and cooking, resulting in its diverse application in the foodservice sector.

  • 76.全球乳制品原料市场-增长,趋势和预测(2020-2025年)

    [农副食品加工业,食品制造业,农、林、牧、渔业,] [2020-04-10]

    The sports-nutrition industry is rapidly becoming mainstream, which is pushing the market for dairy ingredients, such as whey protein, casein, and milk proteins, among others. Dairy ingredients render desired nutritional value to the sports food products, thus, contributing toward their increasing usage in various supplements. Dairy ingredients are important sources of protein. For example, whey is well known for its high quality, high absorption, and superior content of amino acids, essential for muscle growth. This factor makes it a popular sports-nutrition ingredient. The use of whey and lactose ingredients, both in the processed food and nutritional sectors, has helped the market grow. Research suggests that dairy proteins, such as whey proteins and milk proteins, can also act as anti-aging agents. Moreover, these proteins might help decrease stress and reduce the cortisol concentration levels. Awareness among the masses, to become fit, remain in shape, and enhance immunity, has led to a significant growth in the demand for dairy proteins in the urban areas.

  • 77.全球瓶装水市场-增长,趋势和预测(2020-2025年)

    [农副食品加工业,酒、饮料和精制茶制造业,] [2020-04-09]

    A lot of investment has been made in by foreign brands, especially by Nestle SA and The Coco-Cola Company. These companies are helping to accelerate the development of bottled water industry, globally. For instance: In November 2018, Nestlé Waters’ invested EUR 70 million over the next three years with the aim of making Acqua Panna, Nestlé’s premium still water brand worldwide. With this investment, the company intends to increase its production to enter new markets and expand their distribution network in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. In December 2019, Nestlé introduced a canned sparkling water drink that contains caffeine and made with green tea. Along with the caffeinated water brand, Nestlé is also working on a new line of mineral-infused water. Recently, Coco-Cola plans to invest USD 200 million in two new bottling plants in Pakistan. The company also invested USD 500 million in 2017 on upgrading its existing plants in the country. Similarly, as a part of community engagement program and to support local communities, Nestlé Pakistan had set up seven clean drinking water facilities in its operational areas.

    关键词:雀巢公司;可口可乐公司;大量投资;加速;瓶装水行业的发展;高级蒸馏水品牌;Acqua Panna;全球品牌
  • 78.道德标签市场全球展望和预测(2020-2025年)

    [农、林、牧、渔业,食品制造业,农副食品加工业,] [2020-04-05]

    The modern generation of consumers is inclined to pursue a healthy lifestyle with a rising focus on how healthier produce is manufactured, how raw materials are sourced, and what is the impact of the production and consumption of these foods and beverages on environmental sustainability, workplace conditions, and worker sustenance. Apart from this, there is a visible shift among consumers to non- conventional foods that are becoming alternatives to traditional meat and dairy. Although conventional food and beverages, including meat and dairy products, are favored in terms of price and flavor, the changing consumption habits and lifestyle choices are driving the growth of products with ethical labels in recent years.

  • 79.形势要点:欧洲劳动力短缺导致部分食品出现断供危险

    [农副食品加工业,食品制造业,酒、饮料和精制茶制造业,] [2020-04-02]

  • 80.全球鱼蛋白市场报告(2019-2026年)

    [农副食品加工业,食品制造业,] [2020-03-29]

    Fish protein is a rich source of protein, which is a colorless and tasteless powder obtained from whole fish. Fish protein is extracted majorly from fishes such as Yellowtail amberjack, Tuna, Anchovy, Coho Salmon, Trout, Snapper, Tilapia, Bluefish, Pollock, Grouper, Sardines, Mackerel, Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Perch, and Halibut. Three types of fish protein are available in the market, which include concentrate, hydrolysate, and isolate. There are various types of fish from which fish protein is predominantly used in animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The global fish protein market is segmented into type, application, and region. On the basis of type, the market is divided into fish protein concentrate (FPC), fish protein hydrolysate (FPH), and fish protein isolate (FPI). The applications covered in the study include animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic. Region wise, the market is studied across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

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